anonymous p2p network

layered security & anonymity

Onionr implements a gossip network with Dandelion++ and node aging to reduce the effectiveness of sybil attacks.

Additionally, the default transport layers are Tor and i2p as an extra layer of privacy.

To mitigate leaks and security exploits, Onionr uses a unique whitelist system for system commands & bytecode, and has a script to run in an unprivileged container on Linux.


full decentralization, full freedom

Onionr is fully decentralized with no trusted nodes, and is fully open source under AGPLv3.

Onionr is community funded, and anyone can contribute suggestions, code, or bug reports.


disaster proof

Onionr can be extended to run over any underlying transport, by default it uses Tor, LAN multicast, and Sneakernet.

Transport agnosticism means that Onionr would be usable even if the Internet ceased to exist.

a free market

The Onionr team is building Merkato, a marketplace plugin with the aim to enable users to sell good and services for Monero privately.

With minimal to no fees and full control over their storefront, Onionr will provide an innovative platform for commerce.

built for humans

Onionr comes preloaded with various plugin applications with easy GUIs. There is no account setup and there are sane defaults.

With a modular code base, Onionr is easy to extend and build upon with plugins of your own.